Spring check-up.

The March/April course ended on a high note. The students worked hard and their results showed. Their enthusiasm bubbled over and I’m delighted to say there are  new practicum students of reflexology in the world. (Lucky practicum clients!)


Toe separators. Lems Shoes
Toe separators. Lems Shoes.
Toe separator socks
Foot alignment socks. After Hours Socks.

After a long Fall and Winter, Spring is when most people look downward and somewhat surprised, notice their feet – toes and nails in particular. There is an increase of bookings for pedicures at salons.

In preparation for the grand reveal, I’d like to suggest you, men and women alike, take time to peruse and/or purchase a dvd by Katy Bowman. Part of her Aligned and Well series. Fix your Feet specifically targets foot problems.

The choice is always ours.

We can change our footwear to a wider toe-box and zero heel, do simple daily exercises, use devices like toe separators and foot alignment socks, be persistent with toe health such as  eliminating fungus, and our feet will pay us back with huge dividends.

Or, we can continue to wear footwear which constricts our feet and perpetuates foot problems.

I admit I’m less than sympathetic and understanding when I overhear people grumble about their uncooperative feet and their foot pain. The plantar fasciitis that inconveniences them and won’t go away overnight, yet these people refuse to be pro-active and take the time to be part of the solution.

I suggest a visual test. Be curious. Get a piece of blank paper large enough to place your bare feet upon it. With a pen or pencil, outline your toes and feet. Now, place your shoes over the outline of your foot.

I don’t know about you, but I was shocked to see how my footwear pinched and constricted my foot. I made an effort and purchased shoes with a wider toe-box and zero heel at my first opportunity.

Below is a snippet from Katy Bowman’s dvd. By the way, I have no affiliation to Katy Bowman, Lems Shoes, or After Hour Socks. I do, however, believe in Katy’s informed and fresh approach and those products.

Our health is directly impacted by our feet. A stubbed toe, for example, can alter our natural walking gate and stance, which in turn affects our spine and muscles.

Curiosity, awareness and learning is a never-ending process.

My wish is for you to become an adventurer in your health. Starting with your feet. Be the subject in your own experiment. Write down and chart changes you notice. And, be patient. Many conditions were years in the making.

I wish you a delightful Spring.