Summer. What a busy time! I’m in the hustle and bustle between reflexology clients, reading books on health and well-being, and preparing for teaching the Foot Reflexology Course beginning Saturday, September 12th.

A smattering of info:

If you missed the exciting discovery of the link found between the brain and the immune system, you can read one of the many articles here.

My reading has focused on Alignment Matters and Whole Body Barefoot by Katy Bowman. Katy writes about the biomechanics of the body in a way the average lay-person can understand. What she has to say about an aligned body makes sense, because as a reflexologist, I notice the mobility or lack of mobility of my clients’ feet. When one part of the body is out of whack, the entire body is affected.

Memory jiggler: There are twenty-six bones, thirty-three joints, 7200 nerve endings, and many, many muscles, ligaments and tendons in the foot. It’s never to late to change, but that change won’t happen overnight. Start small.

In January I challenged myself to begin a Zero Waste lifestyle. This is so much harder than I’d imagined. There are wrappings on almost everything. I refuse to give up! I have an ongoing vendetta with plastic and am eliminating it from my home wherever possible.

A natural progression I think, is my trend toward simplifying and minimalizing my living space. I’ve been de-cluttering and notice I’m happier with less stuff around me. Much of my furniture is on the way out the door. Soon, I’ll be sitting closer to the floor on bentwood Zaisu and Japanese Zabuton.  I have four of them. My focus is to learn to re-use all the muscles of my body — not getting stuck in repetitive motion. See my pebble tray!

Bentwood zaisu & zabuton

I wish all of you a happy summer!