Un-growing pains

I wish I’d taken a photo of my feet a year ago. As they say, hindsight …

My feet and shoes:

  • Cramped and pinched into too narrow a shoe. (Width and toe-box.)
  • My toes curled in the beginning stages of hammertoes.
  • The second toes on each foot started to cross over the third toes.
  • Most of my shoes had a heel of some sort.
  • My posture and alignment were out. (And, still are.)
  • Sore/tired.

A current photo — normal stance.

My toes

Not bad, eh? What I can tell you, and what is apparent in the photo:

  • My toes are happier spread out in a wider toe-box.
  • The hammertoes uncurled and straightened.
  • The toes uncrossed themselves.
  • Classed as minimalist shoes, I no longer wear shoes with heels of any sort.
  • My feet are no longer tired and sore.

A side-view photo:

My feet

What interests me is I don’t wear shoes with built-in arch support. The soles of my shoes are flat! Both feet have a beautiful natural arch. I lifted my right foot a bit to also show the arch.

Why is the title of my post, “Un-growing pains?” Because I’m un-growing a lifetime of bad habits, and, after a year of exercises, change of footwear, alignment socks, and observation in how I move, my feet are tender for the first two or three steps I take each morning upon arising. I believe the un-growing is taking place at night when I’m sleeping. I interpret those first footfalls as my feet awakening to wider, freer possibilities. After those couple of steps, all’s well.

What is the connection with reflexology? A refresher about reflexes:

Reflexes in the feet correspond to every gland, part and organ of the body.

So, when my feet (everyone’s feet) are confined in too tight a shoe, unnatural pressure is placed on all those reflexes. If our toes are crammed against the ends of the shoes, the brain reflex is affected. Is it any wonder we get headaches? When our shoes are too narrow, we’re affecting the arms, legs, neck and spine reflexes — and others.

By giving my feet room to behave like the supportive devices they are, my muscles, nerves, bones and joints are able to function. A greater range of motion available to me. My breathing is improving. I can take full, deep breaths because my chest, breast, lung, thoracic, jaw and rib reflexes are no longer being squashed.

I remember a time when I could throw stones with my toes. I’m hopeful by continuing my foot exercises, I’ll regain that ability.

A quirky goal I can aspire to!

My wish is you’re letting your feet (and toes) out to play!