Reflexology as pain management

If you’ve read my bio you know reflexology is part of my monthly pain management program. For those who haven’t read my bio, you can click Here.

I experience reflexology as a modality which immediately drops me into the parasympathetic, or rest and repair, mode. This is the opposite of the sympathetic mode; known as the fight or flight response. Due to our hectic lifestyles, I believe most of us reside in the fight or flight mode.

During a reflexology treatment, my breathing slows, I become calmer, I experience my muscles soften and relax, particularly my neck and shoulder muscles. Tension causing pain and worries drop away. I’m filled with a sense of peace and well-being.

I am allowing my body to do what comes naturally. That is: return to a state of homeostasis, or balance.

Reflexology is more than a simple foot massage.

A reflexology treatment is a specific sequence performed on reflexes corresponding to every organ, part, and gland of the body. A treatment improves circulation, assists the lymphatic/immune system, reduces inflammation, and promotes a deep sense of well-being doubly fostered by a sense of trust and connection via touch with the practitioner.

My friend, and fellow practitioner, Suzanne, gives me my monthly treatment. We usually go for lunch afterward. She delights watching me fade. A term I use when my body is saying, “Enough! I need to go lie down for a while – now!” Harold Tuxedo Cat and Rupert Sharpei love my reflexology treatment days. We all have a delicious restorative afternoon nap. This downtime further enhances the reflexology treatment.

What monthly pain management program(s) do you have? What does downtime mean to you, and how do you experience downtime? You can post your remarks on the Comments/Q&A/Videos page.

I await Friday with anticipation. It’s my monthly reflexology treatment; an integral part of my health regime. Whoop!