The Health Series: #7 Gardening Your Life

Welcome Verna Gregson, a part-time and temporary resident of planet earth, to this month’s Health Series!

Gardening Your Life

We all love to garden. We enjoy seeing the plants grow and flourish, the flowers bloom in their radiant glory and the foliage become healthy, vigorous and lush. We cherish the renewal and rejuvenation of life as our garden moves from one season to another, regularly revitalizing itself and its purpose. To assist our garden in this transformative process, we cut away the dead areas that have not survived the rigors of winter’s cold or summer’s heat.   We carefully inspect the foliage to ensure it is strong and healthy and, when we find shoots that have struggled too long or too far from their center, we lovingly cut them back and allow the plant’s energy to return to its core and foster growth closer to its own heart. We assess the shape of the plant and the pattern of its growth to ensure it is moving in a direction that is safe, strong and appropriate for its own wellbeing. When we see areas of deviation or misdirection, we gently reorient our garden’s growth to a more positive path.

Perhaps we should apply this same gardening philosophy to our own lives. Regularly we should examine our own life process and remove old elements that are no longer vibrant and have lost their purpose for us. We should check for items or behaviours in our personal journey that have ceased to be important or have moved away from our primary focus. They may be draining energy or sapping our vitality and, by removing them, we can concentrate more vigorously on those items that foster and encourage positive growth. Also, through quiet contemplation and reflection, we might allow ourselves to observe the shape and direction our lives have taken, thereby determining if we are moving on a course that is safe, strong and appropriate for our own wellbeing. If not, we can make changes. Think of your life and its journey as a garden and tend it with loving care.

Verna Gregson
April, 2017