Gentle reminder – time for a foot soak!

How often to you give your feet a treat?

We’re an interesting species, particularly when it comes to excuses. “I don’t have time.” “I’ve run out of Epsom salts.” “It takes too long.” “All the towels are in the washing machine/dryer.” “The dog needs walking.” Etc.

Watching television, Netflix, or You Tube is a great time for a foot soak. Commercials are great time-keepers. We can dry our feet during one, hit pause, or pause the PVR when we’re done.

Whether it’s Gehwol Foot soak, plain Epsom salts or Epsom salts with herbs or drops of your favourite essential oil added, your feet will thank you.

The moment we immerse our feet in a bowl of hot, scented (or not) water, several things happen. We immediately drop into parasympathetic mode – the rest and repair state of the body. We benefit physiologically and emotionally. Our blood pressure drops as we breath slower and toxins are expelled via the skin on the soles of our feet (the skin is the largest organ of elimination). We give our shoe clad, walking weary feet some non-toxic muscle relaxation.

Fifteen to twenty minutes is ample time to give our feet a delicious soak. When finished, give your heels a gentle polish with a pumice stone or heel file, then rub some lotion all over your feet.

I wish you a happy, healthy foot soak!




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