Current status

It’s been a while and I thought I would post an update.

After some to and fro’ing to the hospital for x-rays and consults with the surgeon over the first couple weeks, it was determined my wrist bones required surgery. A plate and screws were attached to the bone holding it in place. Without going into boring detail, it’s been about six weeks and the surgeon is pleased with my progress. I am able to remove the molded wrist brace more often and can increase my finger and wrist exercises.

Just like healthy foot exercises, I am permitted to pursue active range of motion, especially supination, dorsiflexion and palmar flexion exercises. I can gradually increase my grip strength training and my intrinsic hand exercises.

I am hopeful in four weeks I can resume giving treatments – albeit starting slow and gradually increasing the number of clients. Fingers crossed! At this point, I’m not sure when I’ll teach another Foot Reflexology class. It won’t be possible until I can carry all my gear. Check back for updates.

I’m hopeful you’re having a healthy and happy summer!