Seasonal change

Cool November temperatures, falling maple leaves, and welcome rain, bring home to me the startling passage of time.

Many friends and clients greet seasonal change with gusto, delighting in crisp morning frosts whilst others feel changes in their emotions and bones. I notice this change in my reflexology practice. The focus often shifts from maintenance to one of support. A reflexology treatment can help soothe the emotional swings of Seasonal Affective Disorder, ease wintry arthritic pains, support the immune system in thwarting a cold, or in some cases, accelerate recovery.

This is the season of colds and flu. Several months ago I began a series on reflexology and the body systems. If you’re curious, you can read the first in the series, “Stressed out? Reflexology and the Nervous System” HERE, or the latest entitled, “Reflexology and the Digestive System”, HERE.

Several self-care go-to’s for me are: a soothing mug of fresh ginger-root tea with lemon and honey, a delicious Epsom salts soaking bath at the end of the day, or a tried and true nutritious broth.

Do you have old stand-bys you use to prevent colds and flu?

I’d like to offer you and a friend each a discount. During November and December, when you each book a foot or hand reflexology treatment, mention your names, this post, and you each get $20 off. What a great way to support yourselves!

Go to my Comments page and leave your healthy winter go-to’s or ask a question, or  go to my Contact page to book a treatment.

I look forward to hearing from you.