Water and pain reduction

I was at a week-long conference in Salem, MA. Upon my return, my pain level increased. This got me wondering – why?

The conference required I sit for hour and a half long sessions. There were two sessions morning and afternoon with a lunch break in-between. There were also evening sessions. That’s a lot of sitting which, for most of us, translates into lower back pain.

The difference between the conference and being at home? Water intake.

During the conference I drank 800ml (3 c. approx.) per 1-1/2 hour session and at least that again in the off-time. That works out to about three litres of water per day. I was hydrated, and pain free.

Upon my return, filled with distractions, I failed to keep up my water consumption. My pain increased. After two days of increasing my water intake, my pain is reduced.

There are equations for water intake online.

During the conference, I drank a minimum 12 cups of water per day.

How much water do you drink per day? Do you notice a difference in your pain levels when you drink lots of water? Let me know – I’m curious.