The Health Series: # – Restorative Practice

Welcome back Verna Gregson, part-time and temporary resident of planet earth!

Restorative Practice    

In our west coast world we are surrounded by boundless opportunities to participate in restorative exercise practices, no matter our age or state of physical fitness. Everywhere we look we find classes in Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, aerobics and Feldenkrais, to mention only a few. All of these, in their own way, can assist us to maintain balance, flexibility and strength as we age. It takes discipline and commitment to participate, but the results can be amazing.

I have my own personal restorative practice and my own teachers, and it still takes diligence on my part to keep up the daily practice. Why do I practice? The answer is that I practice to forget. I practice to forget the barriers of life in a body; I practice to forget the limitations imposed by a mind; I practice to forget the expectations of existence in the world; and I practice to forget the encroachments of time. When I forget, I am free.

Our communities have a plethora of restorative movement instructors of consummate skill, integrity and ability. The special ones have developed a finite understanding of the science of movement, and are eternally open to the possible in all their students. My teachers have led and accompanied me to a state of strength, flexibility and balance in my body that have, in turn, assisted me to rest comfortably in my emotional and spiritual being. Their belief and encouragement, accompanied by their love of life, have directed me to a personal restorative practice level that I never before thought possible. Age does not matter. It is never too late to start. My study and practice of movement began many years ago, when I was only 60 years of age. How old am I now? . . . . I forget . . . . I am free!

Verna Gregson
–, 2017