Brain like a jumping bean.

Lack of focus. Brain like a jumping bean. Words on a page? Not! The upheaval created by COVID-19 in March left me in a state of disconnect.

I have a property with endless tasks. Despite not sitting at the computer writing, I continued to cogitate on my work in progress. Some good ideas came from this time and made their way to my Notes page. Yay, iPhone’s “Notes”, and dictation!

Now, with the immediate craziness past, and life turning to a new normal, I’m able to focus. A bit more. I participated in Story A Day May. An event put on by Julie Duffy. Of thirty-one days, I wrote twenty-five. I’m pleased.

Stimulated, inspired, and delighted my imagination hadn’t permanently flown the coop, I’m back at work. I write scene by scene. I think of them as short stories.

Progress is being made. For me, that’s all that matters.