Hello, and Welcome!

Hello, and welcome!

What an extraordinary year.  In March, my life, along with yours, I imagine, took a bit of a u-turn. Quite the wake-up call. Uncertainty, initial lockdown and isolation, progressed to social distancing and masks irrevocably changing how we move in the world – at least for the foreseeable future. My wish is you remain safe and healthy.

Life’s challenges buffet and blow. I weather them on this property. It’s special. It’s the one. It’s good for my soul. I’m grounded here.

Am I prepared for events like this? A goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible. I’m fortunate to own .60 acre. Though small, such a space can be surprising, and delightfully productive. Using permaculture principles, common sense, and trial and error, I cross things off the To Do list.

Time whizzes by.

I took Roo (Rupert Sharpei-Staff cross) to have his nails clipped. Booked his next appointment in six weeks’ time. Staggered to see that makes it September! My first thought was, “No!” I love the heat of summer. I don’t want winter!

There’s an update on the Reflexology blog, Writing-blog, and Homestead blog.

I’ll post lots of pictures and videos under the Homestead dropdown, “The Ducks & Chickens” and “The Garden”. Check regularly!