About Brin the homesteader

I refuse to give up. In every stage of my life I’ve worked toward the following goals: self-reliance, treading lightly on the earth, and leaving my gardens or land in better shape than I found it.

I’m currently working on the infrastructure of my little homestead. I call this my “five-year plan” (guffaw!) This includes the goat barn reno, fencing, gates, paddocks, the bio-pond, cisterns, lumber for the raised beds, chicken tractor, and rabbit hutches. By developing infrastructure now, while I have the energy, I will be able to provide food for myself in my retirement.

A self-sufficient lifestyle enables me to grow and raise the organic foods I need to remain healthy, and independent of the medical system. With each year building upon the other, I am hopeful to contribute to the community and generate an income with the sale of farm produce.

I love this piece of land. It brings me joy.

I am grateful each day for my many blessings.