These days, I open the door to my imagination and continue to write about a world called Abraia. Filled with magical races and species, you will find Abraia both familiar, and unusual.

This untitled novel is a prequel to Weaver’s World – Winter Heart and begins with five year-old Kella being cast from her home and sent to live with an elderly scribe. At the age of fourteen, Kella bonds with a shadow-cat and her true calling as a weaver – a magical healer is revealed.

Book Two. Weaver’s World Winter Heart.

Completed and resting.

When Abraia is threatened and her shadow-cat Mara is killed, Kella’s magics go awry. She has to rely on others – one of whom is a half-breed Rallick, a man of a different race and ostracized from his people. Forced together, they join the races and species and go to battle. Can they save their world and will Kella allow herself to love again or is the risk of losing Ilia in battle too great?